VFC’s Multimedia Teams
Director: Rossi Sloan
VFC Audio/Visual Team…
The VFC Audio/Visual Team assist in enhancing the worship experience through technology every Sunday morning at our Praise & Worship Service. We record Pastor Tim’s sermons every Sunday morning. They are given out on CD’s for FREE. If you know people who would benefit greatly from a CD and need to hear the word of God, please stop by our WELCOME CENTER to pick up a copy!
The VFC Media Team ensures all hardware and software used on the VFC Campus is maintained and fully functional. We also create, promote, and maintain the VFC website ( We post all Pastor Tim’s sermons on our website for people who may not be able to attend service so that they can still listen. We pray they are able to receive a blessing from it. All sermons are available to stream and can also be downloaded on Apple Podcasts!
The VFC Creative Team maintains social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) and keeps them fully updated. We post all of the latest and upcoming events at VFC as well as encouraging posts and scriptures. We create graphics for the website, Sunday services, and all of our social media sites.
If you are interested in being a part of any of our multimedia teams please contact us!