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Welcome from Pastor Tim!

A community of believers in Lexington, South Carolina!

We are a Bible-believing congregation located in Lexington, South Carolina, and we would love to invite you to visit our family. With age group ministries, worship, and service opportunities, we have something for every individual. Together, we can transform our world with God’s Word…one life at a time.

Sundays @ Victory
At A.M. Word Connection…
A.M. Word Connection starts at 9:45am!
– About one hour.
– Learn the truth of the matter by an in-depth study of God’s Word.
– Prayer and fellowship
Victory Kidz Connection starts at 9:45am!
– For ages 5 to 12 in the T.A.G. House.
– Bible story lessons and corresponding coloring sheets, crosswords, and activities. 
At Praise & Worship Service…
*Nursery provided for ages infant to 3*
Praise & Worship Service starts at 11:00am!
– About one hour and 20 minutes.
– Welcome and prayer, brief fellowship, worship through giving, music, a message from Pastor Tim, and an invitation to pray.
Victory Kidz Church starts at 11:30am!
– For ages 4 to 13 in the T.A.G. House.
– Praise & worship songs, dances, bible story lessons, bible related games, crafts and activities. 
Wednesdays @ Victory
At Mid-Week Lift Bible Study…
Mid-Week Lift Bible Study starts at 6:30pm!
– About one hour.
– Easy to follow in-depth study of the Bible.
– Prayer and fellowship
Victory Kidz Bible Study starts at 6:30pm!
– For ages 4 to 13 in the T.A.G. House
– Bible themed crafts, games, and activities.